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what is ":)nix marcelo"?
The :)nix marcelo project is a form of knowledge transfer for open- , free- and low cost computer software. This including operating systems, applications and information over hardware. Computer systems based on Unix® are the favorites.

the non informatic part:
":)nix" stand symbolic for Unix®, what is a trademark and protected. The ":)" is a symbol for a smiley and a big smile is like a "u" of the first letter of Unix®.

We started in 2012 with few free software links, and today we have over 400 links and growing. Today we have more than software, help and guides for better work and find information for a better life.

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W. Marcelo M.
Information over my professional work at: Linked in
mail: user uxmarc by gmail point com
:)nix by marcelo :)nix the synonym for UNIX® :)nix for x86/x64 platform

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