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Operating Systems
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advanced operating system for modern server, desktop, and embedded computer platforms. FreeBSD provides advanced networking, impressive security features, and world class performance and is used by some of the world's busiest web sites, and most pervasive embedded networking, workstations and storage devices. FreeBSD can run
Linux programs.

FreeBSD Documentation   The FreeBSD Foundation  NanoBSD
The FreeBSD distribution with great tradition, based on excellent command line installer, post-installation and help (bsdconfig). Installing the graphical environment is easy with a printed guide of the internet. Excellent performance and ideal for heavy computing work.

PC-BSD is the easy to use FreeBSD, thanks to the additional applications created from the PC-BSD project. Full graphic workstation and with the possibility to upgrade to server. PC-BSD including full multimedia and simple system to install of software-packs (.PBI).

GhostBSD is FreeBSD, ready to use with classic graphical desktop. All basic programs are installed. Very light and fast, ideal for use as pure FreeBSD.
only Server
server with tools to simply your live, including application for containers/jails.
Network-Attached Storage
FreeNAS plugin   FreeNAS Jails/Virtualization   OwnCloud on FreeNAS   setting up NFS server, Samba (CIFS) server, ownCloud and a Bit-torrent   Build a FreeNAS with one PC
FreeNAS make the instalation simple, in less than 5 minutes you have a professional server, with the modern file system: ZFS. FreeNAS is not only a storage server (NAS), is an aplication server, with the plug-in's and vitalization (jail/container). All this is controled by one grafical interface over the network.

consumer hard drives as reliable as enterprise hardware       Petabytes on a budget - revealing more secrets
NAS4Free is an embedded NAS distribution designed for home and small businesses users primarily, but could potentially scale to larger projects. Can configured with UFS or ZFS file-system.

Simple administration for the ZFS file system- storage in FreeBSD over one web-interface. Best use on small server at home or small office. While use low memory is ideal for virtual machines. 
Router pfSense
This is a flexible and innovative firewall for the virtual world, with multiple enterprise features including load balancing and packet inspection and easy to use GUI. Built using the latest version of FreeBSD

We want to give users, developers and businesses a friendly, stable and transparent environment. This will help in making OPNsense the most widely used open source security platform. Of course features and a high-quality product are important, but we believe that besides that the true power of open source is in its community and parties working together.

Built using the latest version of FreeBSD with hypervisor support. VirtualPF is a fork of pfSense for the virtual machine.

m0n0wall has retired now, and some of us still feel the need for a small and lean firewall. SmallWall is that firewall.

Packages &
FreshPorts - the place for ports and packages
FreeBSD port page 

OctoPkg Graphical front-end to the FreeBSD pkg-ng package manager
OctoPkg homepage on Wordpress

pkgng - the pkg new generation:
> Using pkgng for Binary Package
> Reference list for the new PKG
> Use of the new pkg packages (FreeBSD Handbook)

Make-a-PBI programa para crear PBI packages

Redports is a free service for ​FreeBSD port maintainers and port committers that helps testing new or updated ports on various FreeBSD versions and architectures.

pkgsrc - portable package build system
pkgin - binary package manager for pkgsrc

Help &
FreeBSD Documentation from FreeBSD - for all FreeBSD based systems!
BSD-Certification Book for information and lerning, for future FreeBSD UNIX profesionals.

Magazine BSD the magazine for FreeBSD and BSD users, enthusiasts and communitites.
BSD now A Weekly BSD Podcast - News, Interviews and Tutorials (as video).

FreeBSD GREEK in English Very active FreeBSD group from Greek
Aiolos Cluster Project is a school Beowulf Cluster (compute cluster)

FreeBSD México - Comunidad Mexicana de FreeBSD con tutoriales / active Spanish FreeBSD group, with tutorials
FreeBSD online Tuturiales y videos for FreeBSD  
FreeBSD News the FreeBSD Newspaper
ezUnix tutorials for UNIX
FreeBSDportal informaction center  
serverzeit FreeBSD information in german

Unixmen Information and tutorials for Unix and FreeBSD
FreeBSD Made Easy Tutorials

FreeBSD-newbies   News and Study Guide 
BSD Usage Statistics  

FreeBSD, OpenSolaris and Linux Kernel Cross Reference  

FreeBSD Wiki This is a wiki mainly for FreeBSD developers and specialist.

Unix command list and translator

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