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ResourceSpace 4.1 Unix http://www.resourcespace.com/ ResourceSpace open source digital asset management software is the simple, fast, & free way to organise your digital assets.
- Completely Web Based: Only a web browser is needed — no cumbersome client software installations.
- Quick & Easy Search: Resources are found easily and quickly. Your users serve themselves.
- Collaborate: Work together through the use of shared resource collections.
- Auto Preview & Convert: Automatic file previews and conversion for hundreds of document formats.
- Admin Benefits: Includes detailed reporting and statistics, as well as batch file editing and uploading.
- Standards Based: Built on open source utilities and software for completely flexible functionality
LogicalDOC 9.1 varios systems https://www.logicaldoc.com/es/ https://sourceforge.net/projects/logicaldoc/ LogicalDOC is a free document management system that is designed to handle and share documents within an organization. LogicalDOC is a content repository, with Lucene indexing, Activiti workflow, and a set of automatic import procedures. The system was developed using Java technology. LogicalDOC is a web-based document management application, so a web browser is needed to use it. The web interface is built using Google Web Toolkit.
LogicalDOC™ - Sistema de Gestión de Documentos (DMS).
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