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think outside the box

  examples of FreeBSD
here is your access to the free world of software!
without a box, but with the link to download your aplication or computer system.

Excuse the mix of english and spanish, we will do better in a near future all in english with a translater to spanish.

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"think outside the box"
Thinking outside the box, this means working outside the limits. Real Unix® computer systems based on FreeBSD and Solaris (Illumos) do this, outside the limits! We included also the applications to build a world of functionality, to benefit of our work and interests. This selection of applications also open a new horizon the users of Microsoft Windows and Linux.

sistema operativo / operating system
herramientas del sistema / tools for the system
ayuda & documentos / help & documents:
sistema de paquetes

  examples of the Open Solaris family
Hardware Computer
Hardware Redes

examples of varios Linux 
:)nix the synonym for UNIX® :)nix by marcelo :)nix for x86/x64 platform

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