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Name OS URL Description
CAIDA - Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis 9.9 no operating system http://www.caida.org/home/ An technican view of the Internet data, with analysis, investigation, protocols, and more.
CANTO ICT organization 9.9 no operating system http://canto.org/ Influence the innovation and development of ICT solutions for the benefit of members by developing, navigating and leveraging relationships with all stakeholders. Advocate for policies, legislation and rules which advance the creation of an environment which facilitates the deployment of services and technologies around the region.
CROSQ - CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality 9.9 no operating system https://crosq.org/ CROSQ is the regional centre for promoting efficiency and competitive production in goods and services, through the process of standardization and the verification of quality. In this regard, CROSQ aims to support international competitiveness for the enhancement of social and economic development of the region.
Dominios Latinoamérica 9.9 no operating system http://dominioslatinoamerica.co Dominios Latinoamérica es el portal dedicado nombres de dominios de Internet, contenidos de Internet, hosting, housing, e-marketing, cloud computing, aplicaciones de teletrabajo y participación remota, Internet móvil, aplicaciones móviles y otros temas relacionados, con especial foco en el desarrollo comercial de PyMEs en la región de América Latina y Caribe. Dominios Latinoamérica ofrece información actualizada y noticias de utilidad para la comunidad de usuarios de Internet, incluyendo tutoriales para el uso de herramientas, la opinión de expertos internacionales y regionales, eventos presenciales, webinars, newsletter y documentos de actualidad.
FreeBSD Foundation 1.1 FreeBSD http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/ The FreeBSD Foundation is a 501(c)(3), US based, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the FreeBSD Project and community worldwide. The Foundation purchases hardware to improve and maintain FreeBSD infrastructure and publishes FreeBSD white papers and marketing material to promote, educate, and advocate for the FreeBSD Project. The Foundation also represents the FreeBSD Project in executing contracts, license agreements, and other legal arrangements that require a recognized legal entity.
ICT Pulse 9.9 no operating system http://www.ict-pulse.com/ Hi, I am Michele Marius and I have created ICT Pulse to discuss Information and Communications Technology (ICT) issues from a Caribbean perspective. My interest in this subject emerges from my decade-plus experience in telecommunications ICT policy, regulation. contracting and consulting, which has been developed in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Having returned to the Caribbean in 2010, and borne out of my own personal experience, I have observed that it can be quite challenging to appreciate the impact of key developments occurring in the ICT space, even if you work in industry. Through this blog I hope to draw attention to pertinent and topical ICT issues, and more importantly to give some insight on how those issues might affect us here in the region.
Infordisa Formacion-TIC 9.9 no operating system http://www.infordisa.com/es/formacion-it/ Toda la formación IT que necesita tu empresa. Desde Infordisa ponemos a disposición de nuestros clientes una gran oferta de formación técnica avanzada para ayudarles a gestionar con más seguridad y autonomía su infraestructura tecnológica.
Internet usage Statistics 9.9 no operating system http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm Internet World Stats is an International website that features up to date world Internet Usage, Population Statistics, Social Media Stats and Internet Market Research Data, for over 243 individual countries and world regions. Internet World Stats is a useful source for country and regional stats, international online market research, the latest Internet statistics, world Internet penetration data, world population statistics, telecommunications information reports, and Facebook Stats by country. To clarify, the word "stats" is the abbreviation of the English word statistics. Statistics is defined as the collection, organization and interpretation of numerical data.
IT NOW 9.9 no operating system https://revistaitnow.com/ IT NOW es la comunidad de tecnología y negocios más importante de América Central y El Caribe. Es un medio multiplataforma conformado por una revista mensual en versión impresa y digital, una Guía de Proveedores con una aplicación móvil, el sitio www.revistaitnow.com y una plataforma para promociones; así como un newsletter semanal, una plataforma de redes sociales y una gira de eventos conformada por IT Breaks (pequeños eventos especializados) y el Tech Day, la gira de actualización tecnológica más importante de la región. Desde el año 2005, IT NOW es el referente No. 1 para los ejecutivos que toman decisiones en la adquisición de productos y servicios tecnológicos. También es la principal herramienta que utilizan los equipos de mercadeo que laboran para fabricantes, integradores, mayoristas y empresas consultoras de IT
MeetBSD conference 4.1 Unix https://www.meetbsd.com/ MeetBSD can be traced back to its humble roots as a local workshop for BSD developers and users. Since then, MeetBSD’s popularity has spread, and it’s now widely recognized as its own conference with participants from all over the world. MeetBSD California continues to be a biennial tradition in the San Francisco Bay Area. MeetBSD 2016 uses a mixed unConference format featuring both scheduled talks and community-driven events such as birds-of-a-feather meetings, lightning talks, and speed geeking sessions. Speakers are to be determined – stay tuned for more information!
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