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Name OS URL Description
Illumos 1.3 OpenSolaris http://www.illumos.org/ The illumos Foundation provides a true open-source alternative to Solaris. Illumos is an open source, community managed project, working to develop a reliable and scalable Unix operating system. For systems practitioners, folks involved in web operations, and those working on highly scaled infrastructure, illumos is considered by many to be the most advanced open source operating system available, offering advanced filesystem support (ZFS), leading edge systems tracing (dtrace), fully fledged containers (Zones), and software defined networking (Crossbow). Illumos is used in a wide variety of technology industries, including finance, telecommunications, ecommerce, gaming, and others.
napp-it (addon OmniOS, OpenIndiana) 1.3 OpenSolaris http://www.napp-it.org/ Web based ZFS NAS/SAN appliance for OmniOS, OpenIndiana & Solaris
NexentaStor CE 1.3 OpenSolaris http://www.nexentastor.org/ NexentaStor is an easy to use storage appliance, that harnesses the power of the ZFS filesystem. It provides enterprise class experience, with an easy to use web based interface to administer your file server. It features iSCSI support, unlimited incremental backups or 'snapshots', snapshot mirroring (replication), block level mirroring (CDP), integrated search within ZFS snapshots and a custom API. The best file server for your x86 hardware. The Community Edition is available free of charge and limited to 18 TB of used disk space.
OmniOS 1.3 OpenSolaris http://www.omniosce.org/
old: http://omnios.omniti.com/
OmniOS is an open and free server operating system built upon the illumos code base, providing a truly secure container system, native ZFS filesystem, the dtrace diagnostic tool set, and software defined networking via Crossbow. With its advanced set of technology, OmniOS allows users to take advantage of next generation technology without that wait.
OpenIndiana 1.3 OpenSolaris http://openindiana.org/ Traditional UNIX desktop & server (based on OpenSolaris)
SmartOS 1.3 OpenSolaris https://smartos.org/ Union of extraordinary technologies to revolutionize the data center, made by Joyent with technology from Solaris and Illumos.
Solaris (Oracle) 1.3 OpenSolaris http://www.oracle.com/us/products/servers-storage/solaris/solaris11/overview/index.html Real Unix; engineered for the cloud
Triton DataCenter (addon SmartOS) 1.3 OpenSolaris https://github.com/joyent/triton SmartDataCenter is an cloud management platform, optimized to deliver next generation, container-based, service-oriented infrastructure across one or more data centers.
XStreamOS 1.3 OpenSolaris http://www.sonicle.com/index.jsp?pagename=xstreamos&parent=products Distribution of the illumos kernel ready to use, for desktop and server

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