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Think outside the box
Thinking outside the box, this means working outside the limits. Real Unix® computer systems based on FreeBSD and Solaris (Illumos) do this, outside the limits! We included also the applications to build a world of functionality, to benefit of our work and interests. This selection of applications also open a new horizon the users of Microsoft Windows® and Linux.

:)nix Marcelo
examples of FreeBSD

Where and what is :)nix marcelo ?
:)nix marcelo is my personal  project for knowledge transfer for open- , free- and low cost computer software. This including operating systems, applications and information over hardware. Computer systems based on Unix® are the favorites.

We started in 2012 with few free software links, and today we have over 400 links and growing. Today we have more than software, help and guides for better work and find information for a better life.

:)nix Marcelo
examples of the Open Solaris family

:)nix stand symbolic for Unix®, what is a trademark and protected. The ":)" is a symbol for a smiley and a big smile is like a "u" of the first letter of Unix®.

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