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Bitnami 9.1 varios systems https://bitnami.com/ Run anywhere: You can easily deploy and move apps across platforms. We support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, or VirtualBox virtualized environments. Deploy in one click: With one click, you can deploy any app or dev stack to any environment. Our images deploy consistently every time. All Bitnami apps and dev stacks have been pre-integrated and configured so that you can become productive immediately.
ProcessMaker 9.1 varios systems https://sourceforge.net/projects/processmaker/
ProcessMaker automates workflows that are form-based and approval-driven and it improves the way that information flows between people and systems. ProcessMaker is commercial open source Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow Management software designed for small to big organizations. Is the most innovative software creator in this sector, and the leader of this market.
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